What is taxi sharing?

Share your taxi with other people with the help of a website or an app. It's a great alternative to getting a taxi, or driving a car, on your own, it's affordable and hassle free.

  • Saving costs – taxi sharing significantly reduces the costs of your taxi journey
  • Reduce traffic – less congestion and air pollution
  • Parking worries – no need to worry about parking spaces and costs
  • Hassle free – let someone else worry about driving

Slide Bristol

Shared travel-to-work service available Monday to Friday, between 7-10am and 4-7pm.

Slide Bristol

  • Flexible booking up to 10 minutes before you want to leave
  • Convenient pickup and drop-off points
  • Affordable rides from £4 to £7
  • Shave time off your journey, Slide uses bus lanes
  • Licensed drivers for your safety

Find out more about Slide Bristol.

The service is only for commuters at the moment so it runs in the key area between the city centre and up to the north of the city. You can find a map of the service area on the Slide Bristol website. The service is likely to expand in the coming months so sign up on the website or follow @slidebristol to stay informed.

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