What is car sharing?

Car sharing is all about filling empty seats, sharing costs, and it’s a great way to meet new people. You can get to know your colleagues or new travelers going the same way.

Here are a few examples of when car sharing can be used:

  • Commuting to work
  • Doing the school run
  • Going to college / university
  • Travelling to a festival, a big event or a show
  • Going to a sporting match

Is car sharing for you?

Car sharing is so easy that we can safely say that it could be a great option for everyone! You don’t even need to own a car, just search for drivers going the same way.

  • Share traveling costs – significant annual savings for car owners and passengers
  • Meet new people – a great way to network
  • Reduce traffic – less congestion and air pollution
  • Get there faster – using 2+ lanes to beat the commuting queues
  • Park easily – fewer cars, so more spaces
  • Workplace advantages – some employers offer dedicated parking for 2+ cars

New journey sharing option launched in the West of England

joinmyjourney is a free journey and car sharing portal for organisations, business park communities and education sites.

Find a car sharing buddy today!

Here is a list of some car sharing websites where you can find people going the same way:

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