It's like owning a car, hassle free

Car Clubs allow you to have a car available nearby, whenever you need it, but maintained by someone else.

Benefits include ...

  • A car when you need it – If you don’t want to own a car but need one on demand car clubs are a great option
  • Savings and hassle free – Servicing costs and maintenance are someone else’s responsibility
  • Pay only when you need it – You’ll be likely to have a small annual or monthly subscription, but other than that you’ll pay for when you use the car

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Find your nearest Car Club

Car Club operators and special offers

Visit operator websites for membership information and special offers, remembering to quote a promotional code if you have one, for discounts eg on standard annual membership.

The idea is simple

The operator provides cars in the local neighbourhood parked in dedicated Car Club bays that you may have noticed on a street near you.  Members are able to book out a car on-line or over the phone, for as little as 30 minutes, by the hour or over a weekend.

Cars are accessed using a ‘swipe card’ or similar secure system. Membership fees are a fraction of the cost of owning your own vehicle and you only pay when you actually use the car and for fuel.

Personal membership

Whether it’s for an hour, or a day, using a Car Club vehicle is the perfect short trip solution, helping you to deal with the bulky shopping at the weekend, visit family, or take a trip into the countryside.

Business membership

Car Clubs are helping businesses to solve day to day travel needs, reducing their overheads.   Whether you are a start-up business or an existing company looking to cut costs, Car Club operators are interested in talking to you.

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